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At Coopers Christian Bookshop, we want to share Jesus - the best friend you can have, Jesus Christ - God's only begotten Son, the only saviour you can have, Jesus Christ - the King of Kings, who is returning to his earth, his creation SOON.

And how can you know more about Jesus ?
Through God's Word, the Bible.

At Coopers Christian Bookshop you can purchase your own Bible as well as helpful Bible notes, Study guides and Commentaries in addition to Christian books covering a wide range of topics.

Coopers Christian Bookshop is a place to take your questions and find answers.
God does not want you to wander through life lost but travel confidently through life with the guide book to life (The Bible) in the only direction that matters God's direction.

Coopers Christian Bookshop supports the local Christian Church in Oldham, Rochdale, Ashton-Under-Lyne and further afield in the Greater Manchester area with Bibles, Bible Reading Notes, Christian Books, Sunday School materials and Christian Music resources..

God's Church is out there growing, it does not often make the news, except perhaps for the wrong reasons, but the witness of born-again Christians, born-again through the Holy Spirit are sharing their faith and the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who do not know that forgiveness of sins and eternal life are available through Jesus.

Find out more... visit Coopers Christian Bookshop.

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