Cooper's Christian Bookshop, Oldham - Bibles

The Bible contains God's Word to us and ever since the translation into English authorised by King James 400 years ago, it has been the mainstay of many a Christian journey.

Since its publication, the King James Version (KJV), with its rich English language, more recent discoveries and advances in scholarship have led to many revisions, as well as completely new translations of the original manuscripts using language that makes God's word more meaningful to the reader.

At Cooper's Christian Bookshop we can provide help and advice to choose the right translation for you, such as the modern English version of the KJV, the New KJV (NKJV), NIV, NASB, Good News (GNB), NRSV, The Message, New Testament For Everyone by Tom Wright, JPS Tanakh, and a brilliant, though not quite finished translation of the Old Testament by Robert Alter that is available in several volumes together with his commentary. We will do our best to obtain any major translation to help you, or a loved one, on their journey, as well as bible reading helps like daily notes and commentaries. If you would like to know a little more or just get some help to choose the bible translation that best suits you, or you simply want to browse, then please do pay a visit to the shop.