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When you are choosing a Bible where do you start?"

It seems so confusing there are so many different translations and different versions with confusing names and abbreviations such as KJV, NIV, CEV, NKJV etc. Which should you choose?

The Bible as you know has been available in English for many years, though it wasn't always so and many early Bible translators who translated the Bible from Latin to English and on the continent into the national languages were persecuted and some even killed.

However by the early 17th Century the Bible was available to read in the UK. The first Bible legally available was the King James Bible (KJV) also known as the Authorized Version of the Bible (AV) because it was authorized by the King at that time King James

As you will appreciate people spoke quite differently in those days and reading a King James Bible you will see many "thees" and "thous" and what seems to be quite old fashioned language. Many people though today though do still read that version and some people consider it one of the most accurate translation and closest in meaning to the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts which were originally written. A revision of that Bible has been made in recent years which has removed the "thees" and "thous" for that version and make it appear more everyday 21st Century. This version is termed the New King James Version (NKJV).

Over the years since the original KJV Bible there have been a number of different translations so that today when you go into a Christian Bookshop such as Coopers Christian Bookshop you can see quite a range of different translations and also different sizes of Bible, some of which are depicted on the photograph at the top of this page.

We would make these suggestions when deciding which Bible to purchase from the choices of different versions available.

Does you Church have a particular version they use when reading the Bible in Sunday services?
If so you may wish to consider that version so that if you take your Bible to church and are following the reading there is not the difference in words between what you are reading and what is being read out aloud.

Do you find the perhaps old-fashioned style of the King James version puts you off reading the Bible?
God wants you to read his word and for you to find it easy to read. You may find a more modern Bible easier to read on a regular basis. One particular popular modern translation of the Bible is the New International Version (NIV) which many people took to reading once it was published rather than the King James Bible which was at that time the only complete Bible translation available. Another modern translation is the Good News Bible (GNB) which has recently been revised. This was first published in the New Testament only as the "Good News for Modern Man" A little known fact is that the first place in the UK where you were able to buy the complete Good News Bible was Rochdale where it could be bought a number of weeks before the rest of the country.

Another thing that you may wish to consider is your English reading ability.
Bibles are available in simplified English which might be particularly suitable for people whose native language is not English. Whilst the Bible in stock in the Bookshop are all in English we would be pleased to order Bibles in other languages if you would prefer to own a Bible in that language.

Bibles are also available in a range of cover materials, paperback, hardback and soft covers of various types. Bibles are also available in red-text editions where the words of Jesus are printed in red rather than black. They are also available in study versions with included study notes, concordances and more extensive cross-references than those that are in other Bibles. Portions of the Bible are available most specifically the New Testament with or without the psalms which can be particularly useful if you want to carry God's word with you at all times.

Do visit us in the shop and browse the wide range of Bibles on display.

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Every blessing

Paul, Sandra and Louise